We are experts in offering car and van finance to customers across the UK and Northern Ireland. If you have had trouble getting a used car or van elsewhere, then give us a call to see if we can help. We can arrange flexible finance deals to suit most budgets.

Competitive Finance Rates

We have a huge panel of lenders and know which lenders offer the best packages for you and the car that you're buying.

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Hire Purchase (HP)

Still the most popular and most straight forward option. Spread the cost of your purchase over a fixed term, 1-5 years. You choose your deposit and the length of the agreement. You also have the ability to "overpay" any month you choose and complete your agreement sooner. Only being charged interest for the term it takes you to complete the loan.

Lease Purchase (LP)

Similar to Hire Purchase but you can defer an agreed amount of what you are borrowing until the end of the agreement (balloon payment). At the end of the agreement you can choose to pay the balance and keep the car, or part exchange it and use the equity as a deposit on your next purchase. The benefit is to lower your monthly payments, increasing flexibility.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP is similar to Lease Purchase with an agreed amount being deferred to the lower monthly payments. The main difference is that a final Guaranteed Future Value is agreed at the start based on your annual mileage and the length of the agreement. At the end of the agreement you have the additional option to hand the car back (provided it is in good condition and within the agreed mileage), part exchange it or pay the balance and keep the car. Benefits – lower monthly payments, peace of mind, protection from unexpected depreciation.